Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I love this girl's style so much I want to copy every outfit she wears, in every picture that's taken of her. She can layer prints, she can wear colour, she can accessorize and her hair is wicked cool. Best of all? She doesn't look like she's trying too hard.

I chose a few damn pictures from her Damn Blog that I can see myself wearing in my everyday damn life.

Exhibit #1 WORK: This is what I would wear to work.The printed blouse and printed skirt look so effortlessly cool and the pop of yellow in the jacket and the green in the shoes make the outfit fun when work is boring. Although, my lunch won't fit into this clutch, so I'll have to swap out the bag for this forest green one or this neutral one (remember, this is a hypothetical situation.. I don't actually have these bags to swap, I just have student debt - which doesn't quite match with the ensemble).

Exhibit #2 WEEKEND: This outfit seems perfect for the hot, humid summer days we've been having lately. Although, my hands would get tired from holding up the top, so I might have to invest in a better strapless bra. The accessories are what make the outfit for me- cat-eye sunglasses are so much better when they're a bright colour and bracelets are cooler when they resemble disco balls. Anyone want to go roller skating Saturday? Anyone? Anyone?

 Exhibit #3 BOWLING: Imagine meeting someone for a first date and walking in looking like this? You'd be the coolest B at Lucky Strike. Don't make her swap out those heels for bowling shoes! shit will get cray.

You know you're cool when you have both swag and style.

All imagine via Solange's blog, "My Damn Blog".

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  1. i heart her.

    i must own those orange pumps.