Friday, July 20, 2012

Beach Babe

I'm going on vacation in August and was looking for a rad bathing suit. Not plain, not sexy, but rad. I went to a boutique in Toronto called Narwal and they introduced me to Mara Hoffman. What the effff was I doing before? Buying boring J. Crew - that's what.

C-C-Check these pieces out..

$235 on Net-a-Porter

$220 on Net-a-porter

a solid bathing suit I could get down with - on sale at Matches

Walking Graffiti - $91 from the Outnet

Coolest of them all - $216 from Bonadrag

Find all the styles on the Mara Hoffman website!


  1. since i'm marrying an egyptian it is only fitting that i get the pharaoh one.