Monday, July 9, 2012

Dinner Dress Up

I went out for dinner Saturday night in a loose silk tank and similarly patterned skirt for an easy put together look. It was definitely too humid to try any harder than this. The thought of straight hair, multiple layers and sleeves seemed like way too much effort, even a necklace felt like it was going to weigh me down.

I bought these Lanvin flats a while ago and, now that they're somewhat broken in, they're my most comfortable pair of shoes! I wear flats a lot, and find I go through pairs fairly quickly as they get worn out and full of holes but I'm hoping these will stand the test of time.

We're in the lower lobby of our condo building hoping no one catches us taking these pictures, I always feel so weird and embarrassed taking pictures with people around! and yes, the colours of our building are black and lime green with a few splashes of blue. Who came up with that colour scheme?

Can't wait for dinner so started on my hair

Wearing a Club Monaco tank, Michael Kors skirt, a clutch I stole from my mom and Lanvin flats (similar here).

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