Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lots of Barque and bite

Barque Smokehouse is a gem in West Toronto. It is a restaurant that opened less than a year and a half ago and has had a steady stream of regular customers. Beyond the beautiful interior and knowledgeable and attentive staff, is the genuine commitment to the craft of a smokehouse.

According to the website, the concept of the name can be summarized as, "Reflective of the wood used to smoke, the outer layer of bbq’d meat and a play on the wood Barbeque. Barque."

Now, on to the good stuff!
Firstly, the restaurant takes reservations. On a side note, why is this such an irregularity in Toronto? However, we were lucky to grab a cushy seat inside as a walk-in. Popcorn flavoured with the in-house, ten+ spice dressing awaited us as we ponder the menu.

Table munchies and Barque bbq sauces

We decided on the Sampler for Two as it was our first time. We had the choice of 3 meats and 3 sides. Upon deliberation with our knowledgeable server and our gluttonous selves, we chose the brisket, chicken thighs, baby back ribs, cuban corn, spinach spaetzle and mixed veggies of the day.

Holy toledo, is there a ton of flavour! The meat is extremely tender and melt in your mouth. The caramelization on the chicken thighs were fantastic. The brisket is an absolute must try! Rest assured, you will leave the restaurant full and very happy. We would have ordered appetizers and desserts if we could fit in somewhere.

Another wonderful thing about Barque is the special menus they have for larger groups or families. I can't wait to try their Sunday dinner. This family style meal includes large platters for serving, and changes every week. Sharing is caring!

Taster for two

Fave: You receive your own brush to apply the house-made bbq sauce. You get to make your own food masterpiece.
Hmm... or maybe the grapefruit spritzer. I expected grapefruit juice in my soda water, but instead I received a strong and tasty cocktail with a bit of tang. The sugar cane soaked in grappa was a great touch too!

Least fave: No heat! I suppose heat can mask flavour, but I love a little bit of kick with my food. My only other complaint was the mixed veggies; the green beans looked and tasted like it was exported from a cafeteria menu.

Price: Dinner for two with a round of drinks and tax+tip will run you about $75. No dessert or appetizer ordered.

Details: 299 Roncesvalles Ave. // 416-532-7700 //

Spinach Spaetzle

In terms of outfit, I wanted to choose something that expanded with my waistline and opted with my new summer shorts. I thought the denim sleeveless tank fit the smokehouse theme and it was perfect for wiping BBQ sauce on.
Urban Cowboy?

Lacing detail
Overall: I will be returning sometime soon! Anyone else care to join?


  1. I shared the taster for one when I went and I had meat sweats, I'm proud of you for killing the taster for two!

  2. i love this place!

    sami & i went and shared the taster for two and brought home left overs.

    ps: i LOVE what you ladies are doing.

    1. I wish we could have squeezed in dessert!

      Thank you! We're very grateful for your support.