Friday, July 6, 2012

A - Maizal -ing

Last weekend, a friend and I spent a day frolicking around my hood, Liberty Village, and were excited when we came across this new restaurant called Maizal. Since we're both big time Mexican food fans, we were looking forward to adding a new place on our short list of Mexican restaurants in the city.

The owner told us how he spent his teen years in Mexico learning how to cook, and when he came back to Canada he hard time finding authentic Mexican food for a reasonable price. He met his business partner and they gave birth to Maizal. They've only been open for a few weeks and are having their grand opening this weekend!

The place is comfy and cozy and their biggest selling point is that they make fresh corn tortillas every morning from scratch.

The Poblano Pepper and the Beef Ting were recommended to us so we got both, with a side of guac.

The guac was fresh and flavourful but the chips were phenomenal and definitely stole the show. The taste of the corn is really pronounced and really changes the overall flavour of a regular chips+dip appetizer. It made us really excited for the quesadillas!

Poblano Pepper
I generally caste my beans aside as they're usually pretty bland or fatty, but these were actually really good and didn't hurt my stomach. A win-win situation for me and the beans!

Since they had a busy morning, they had to make a second batch of the ground corn, so we were lucky enough to catch the owner in action...


I would definitely recommend this place to all the Mexican food lovers in Toronto, I don't think I can eat bland grey tortillas ever again. 

They'll soon be getting a liquor licence and will be staying open past their current close time of 7pm. I cannnot wait to hang out on their patio during the summer evenings.

Check them out here or follow them on twitter or just go visit them at 133 Jefferson Ave between 11-7pm during the week or 10-2pm on weekends for brunch.

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