Monday, July 2, 2012

Move Beach, Get out the Way!

Much like everyone else who didn't have a cottage to go to this weekend (also, if you have a cottage, I'm looking for some new friends), we headed to the Toronto beaches to soak up some sun rays.

Since Ashbridges Bay gets insanely busy, we went to the much less travelled Kew Beach.

There's a bunch of cute houses in this area near the beach, how awesome would it be to wake up to this every morning? 

My bathing suit is from Calvin Klein - a lunch time purchase from the PATH in the RBC building.

I wore my summer staple white tee from the GAP (I usually end up buying a new one every year and throwing my previous one out), silky pyjama-but-not Hawaiian print TopShop shorts, and my old beat up birkenstocks. I think the GAP changed their t-shirt recipe because these new ones are bomb. They're so soft and seriously feel like the same quality as some high end designer tees (like the ridiculously expensive Row tshirt).

I thought the whole pyjamas on the outside trend looked a bit silly, especially when it was pyjama tops (remember the piece in the Marni for H&M collection?), but these shorts are so light and airy and perrrrfect for the summer that maybe I'm rethinking my stance on the trend. What do you guys think?

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