Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh my Cod!

 I have been extremely excited to try Paulette's Original Donuts and Chicken. So, a sunny day called for a trip to Leslieville and some chicky chicky fry fry. Paulette's promises delicious fresh donuts and fried chicken. The restaurant is mainly a take-out restaurant with vintage touches and an amazing scent when you walk in. The restaurant's closing time is 7pm or until it sells out. Unfortunately, it was completely sold out of donuts and fried chicken when we arrived.
I was still craving something battered and deep fried, when I spotted Reliable Fish and Chips down the street, across from the Leslieville Pumps. 
We each ordered one piece of fish with our fresh-cut fries, and each order was under $10. I decided to try the mahi-mahi as I have never had it deep fried before. The fries were delicious and I found the fish batter light, crispy and non-greasy. After receiving our orders, I was so happy that I only ordered one piece of fish, as the portions are generous. The service was sweet and during our visit, quite a number of locals came into the restaurant to order take out. We left the restaurant stuffed with some change in our pocket for dessert at Ed's Real Scoop.

After arriving at Ed's, I was too focused on the waffle cone smell and the array of flavours to take any good photos! All in all, it was a lovely day in Leslieville. Do you have any other favourite Leslieville haunts?

The mahi-mahi
Haddock? Shore is. 
The delicious options at Ed's

Digging into blood orange gelato. 

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