Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ugly Camera Bags

I finally took the plunge and bought myself a fancy (entry-level) DSLR! After weeks of research, I settled on the Nikon D3200. I found the best price at Downtown Camera and purchased it during my lunch break! But I'm not here to take specs, I'm here to talk camera swag..

My Baby (image via gizmodo)
As I was at the cash register, trying not to faint thinking about how much cash money I was dropping on this single purchase, the sales person kept asking me about SD cards, filters, screen protectors, bags, lens, etc etc etc. I just shook my head, put a death grip on my credit card and ran out of the store.

It wasn't until I got back to work and put away my credit card that I realized I needed an SD card -since it didn't come with one, but more importantly I needed a camera bag! I didn't want to drop my breakfast/lunch/dinner on my new camera or accidentally drop it in the sink, so I decided to keep it in the box until I bought one. I also re-contemplated ever having a real baby.

As I started looking at camera bags, I first got realllllllllly excited because this was an excuse to buy a new bag, but then I got reallllllly sad because generally camera bags are really ugly. 
Case and Point: My friend's nylon  Lowepro camera bag
After some gruelling research (just another day at the office), I found some acceptable choices AND as an extremely nice person I decided to share them with everyone so we rid the world of ugly camera bags!

This bag is still made out of nylon to break wind, but Acme made has discovered how to dye it in semi-ugly colours. For $50 - Acceptable.
Acme Made - Stella Bag
Bag #2: *emera Classic Canvas Bag
I'm excited we're not using nylon any more! but kind of looks like a diaper bag with seatbelt straps. Although, the charcoal colour is nice and waterproof and it's an affordable $79. Also Acceptable.
*emera Classic Canvas

Bag #3: Fogg brand for Leica cameras.
These bags are made out of leather and canvas and have a rich feel (so I imagine) but are made for the crazy expensive Leica cameras (think $20,000 and up, kids). This is the bag Kanye would have. Looking at these bags did open my mind to the idea of leather camera bags though...

Fogg - hella expensive
Bag #4: The Ona Bowery Bag
An okay $120 bag with a strap, but the straps come off and it becomes an insert to put in a bag you already own! How bomb would it look in a satchel?! a leather satchel?!?! oh wait...
Ona - The Bowery
Bag #5: The Ona Brooklyn Bag
Get out of my brain, Ona!

Ona - The Brooklyn bag
The Brooklyn bag is about $300 and can be found on the Ona website. Its extremely pretty (technical term) and needs to be bought in all the colours available!

I'll be waiting a bit to buy mine so I can recover from the cost of the camera ..and I just couldn't wait for it to ship.. so instead, for the meantime, I spent $30 and bought:

don't judge me

Images from Lowepro, Acme Made, *emera, Fogg and Ona.

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  1. I cannot stop drooling over the Ona brooklyn bag.