Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Work Investment: Silk Blouses

I find that when looking through my mom's closet I'm always most attracted to her collection of silk blouses. They've stood up to the test of time, and when paired with a pair of dress pants or skirt can look more put together and professional than most of the polyester options in stores today - while not looking as stiff as starched cotton.

Building a collection of silk blouses takes some time and doesn't need to be done all at once. My first year after I graduated from school and started working full time, I was buying blouses that were button up with collars once every other month or once every two months. I found this particular style to be classic and versatile, while never having to be worried that my new hard-earned cash was going towards something that would go out of style.

Even if you choose to start with a traditional style as I did, it doesn't have to be boring! You can mix it up by initially starting with a classic white or blush colour, then mixing in some bold colours and patterns.

From Left to Right:
The Classic White Blouse - $208 by Equipment
Basic Non-White- only $39 from Joe Fresh!
Fun even for the most boring workplaces - Terracotta - $250 L'Agence via net-a-porter
Go Bold or Go Home - $110 at j.Crew
Colour Block - $260 Equipment via eluxe
I LOVE this pattern and it can even double on the weekends with a leather skirt - $260 
Silk even for casual Fridays! - $110 by madewell

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