Monday, September 3, 2012

Good Travels - Chitown

How would you spend a delightful 24 hours in Chicago?

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$wag n Style has been a travel hiatus for the last few weeks, but we're back just in time for fall fashion to roll in!

I spent a beautiful summer day in Chicago and it started with a stroll around the Magnificent Mile, window shopping and picking up little tidbits for the rest of our travels.

We had lunch at Grahamwich, the sandwich shop by Chef Graham Elliott. If you know me, I LOVE Masterchef. That aside, the little sandwich shop is bright and wonderfully designed. M chose the roast beef sandwich, which was incredible. Was it the shoe string potato? The roast beef? Or was it the pretzel roll. Oh goodness, why doesn't everything come on a pretzel roll?

 I chose the heritage turkey sandwich, which had everything I love on a sandwich. Smoked gouda, alfalfa sprouts, and avocado dressing! Unfortunately, it was disappointing. I think the pita pocket was the likely culprit. It added no flavour, and fell apart as I ate my sandwich.

Grahamwich is a delightful sandwich shop that features truffled popcorn and seasonal soda, which is worth the visit for a light lunch. Just don't order the turkey sandwich.

Next door, I fell in love with the store P.O.S.H. It is like walking into a french cottage home. The store has an interesting mix of antiques and 50s diner style dinnerware. I picked up a pair of gold plated leaf earrings and a map of the Chicago transit system. I'm an absolute sucker for maps!
Photo of the solarium c/o of the Posh website.

But of course, we had to see the Bean (Cloud Gate) at Millenium Park! This is one crowded attraction, but it's a must-see! I love the way the piece warps the Chicago skyline and the concave chamber inside. It was tough getting a photo of us in its reflection but hey, it's worth the try.

For a snack we headed to the Billy Goat Tavern, which for baseball and SNL fans will ring a bell. Cheezborger! Cheezborger! and cheap beer. It's definitely worth the visit. If you're not caught up to speed, read about Cubbie curse here.

Cheezborger! Cheezborger! x10 Double Cheez!

Around 7, we headed to Grant Park to take in Hayden's Four Seasons. Grant Park holds regular free concerts and it's pretty incredible. When we arrived, it was clear that we were newbies. Chicago regulars were already set up with impressive picnic gear. Lots of families came to enjoy the opera and symphony.
Grant Park Picnic-ers

To cap off the day, we had to enjoy deep dish pizza! We decided on Giordana's which was not worth the wait! The pizza was partially cold when it arrived and the service was terrible. I would not recommend heading to this restaurant.


All in all, it was an incredible day in the Windy City!

Does anyone have great deep dish pizza recommendations or other must-do Chicago attractions? Let us know!

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