Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good Travels: Keeping it weird in Portland

Portland, Oregon 

Portland is a gem of a town. With a bike, some cash money and an intention to relax, you can really enjoy the city. There are countless articles and blogs out there discussing the different neighbourhoods of Portland. I'd rather share a few photos and tell you how much I enjoy Voodoo Donuts.

Weird and fun facts:
  • There are about 700 licensed food trucks in Portland
  • Portland, Oregon was almost named "Boston, Oregon". A coin flip decided otherwise.
  • Oregon has no sales tax - YES!
  • You cannot pump your own gas. NJ is the only other state that requires gas attendants
  • Portland is known as Rose City and PDX
  • The dream of the 90s is alive in Portland. See evidence here.

Voodoo Donuts

Everyone talks about it, everyone lines up for it and... you should do it. Next time, I will order every flavour and take a bite out of each. Check out the flavours online and admit that you're a bit curious.The imagination that goes into each donut and the storefront is incredible. The donuts are very filling but not in a cloyingly sweet way.

The magic is in the hole
The line-up into Voodoo donuts
See more photos after the jump!

The Dirt Donut, Old Dirty Bastard and Double Chocolate

Why didn't I order Captain my Captain or the Loop?!

The menu

The old dirty bastard. Peanut butter fo drizzle! 


Portland is where microbreweries were born. Our first stop was at Rogue Ale which is open 365 times a year.
Tasty trays!
All colours of the beer rainbow
Rogue's Ales

Sasquatch Brewing Company serves some of the BEST fried chicken! I dream of that gravy. 


Portland international rose test garden

It's free! Check out more information here.
The International rose test garden is a beauty

A view of PDX from the NW

Have any of you visited Portland or Oregon? What was your favourite part?

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