Friday, October 5, 2012

The Gabardine

I was intrigued when my lovely co-workers told me about The Gabardine - they described it as a chill *cough* hipster *cough* place in the heart of Bay street. Although it sounds like a juxtaposition, its actually executed really well and, honestly, better than most places on Ossington.

I loved the decor and the vintage china plates the food was served on (I'm totally stealing this idea for my next dinner party). In my opinion, Bay street needs some more casual affordable dining places like this where you can leave the suit at your desk.
The menu was interesting and the dishes lived up to their hype on yelp. We all wanted to try the fish pie but they were sold out by the time we got there, so we got the chicken pot pie, sirloin bacon cheeseburger, Philly cheese steak and British style calf liver n’ onions instead. Each dish was between $15-$18.

The table favourite was definitely the liver and onions. The liver was rich and flavourful while the hickory-stick style potatoes added a surprise crunch (yes, I put chips in my sandwiches). We were too full after dinner to have desert, but after seeing the rave reviews online, I must go back.

you aint hipster without a good chalk-board wall

look for the bird on bay!

I'm not sure when they opened, so I may be late to the party since it was packed for dinner service. I'd love to meet friends here for lunch but they don't take lunch reservations and I can foresee it getting packed early and who really wants to eat lunch at 11am.
372 bay st. Toronto, Ontario
647-352-3211 (they take reservations for dinner only)

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