Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Morning Shoe Craving

I know that these boots by Chloe were all the rage in the blog world last fall, but I can't help but still be attracted to them - the python leather and brown colour would be a staple in my closet this fall.

But with a price tag at almost $2000 I don't think I could ever justify buying them, or even going to a store to look at them since I would be too scared I'd spill something and be forced to buy them and lose two months rent.

via Net-a-Porter
I did see some other boots by TopShop and Zara that were pretty much knock offs for almost $200 - which is an okay price point for a pair of leather boots, but by no means cheap, and definitely not price that you would  think a knock-off should be at (thinking about canal street over here).

Would you ever buy the knock-off Chloe boot?

via TopShop
via Zara

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