Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A little taste of Italy in Chinatown

Strada 241 

The restaurant opened by the Rubino brothers, is named in reference to "underground home dining". Strada 241 offers home cooked Southern Italian cuisine in a beautiful open and modern space.

Their dinner menu boasts antipastis and lots of oven-baked pizzas.

I ordered the linguini puttanesca pasta, which featured little-neck clams. I love clams in pasta and puttanesca pasta, so it was the perfect combo! Typically, puttanesca pasta is made with spaghetti and means "whore-style pasta". At another restaurant, a little Italian cook stressed that I should order something else off her menu, whispering what puttanesca meant. I love it! It's salty, full of garlic and lots of flavour. Why would I let a little Italian slang change my mind?
Linguini Puttanesca

The meatball pizza was delicious, featuring fresh and local ingredients. They also provided their own chilli olive oil for dipping. yum!
The Alessandro Pizza - tomato, Strada 214 meatballs and lots of cheese!
Beautiful open concept kitchen
The restaurant is beautiful, featuring high ceilings, original floors, exposed brick, lovely light fixtures and tabletop foosball games!

Love this space!
The service was fantastic and the menu prices were quite reasonable. Everything is made in-house, and next time I can't wait to try their antipasti and in-house gelato! The menu offers simple Italian cocktails and emphasizes rustic Southern Italian cuisine. In the heart of Chinatown!

The room is great for groups and is also an all-day cafe. I look forward to trying it again. Anyone want to join?

Strada 241 // 241 Spadina Avenue, Toronto // 647.351.1200

Monday, November 26, 2012

Emerald tones

Readers, did you brave the Black Friday sales? Or are you saving up for Cyber Monday today?

I only made it to Ann Taylor for its store-wide 40% off sale! I picked up this emerald silk top which I love because it's easy to pair with a suit and with a casual day outfit. Purchasing clothing that can function for both work and play is like getting an extra 50% off (completely false, but I tell myself this).
I think emerald is such a timeless colour.

Ann Taylor blouse // Durumi faux wrap skirt (similar: here) // Kelsi Dagger booties // H&M socks  // Jayu earrings
Suzy Draper

New necklace!

Readers, let me know what you picked up this weekend!

Update: My favourite online retailer, ASOS, is having an un-advertised sale today. Use the code  "CYBERMONDAYSPECIAL" you'll recieve 30% off all full-price and sale items. Thanks to Refinery29 for the tip!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Eatin' til your belly buss

$10 lunch pick - The Jerk Joint

As a worker bee, sometimes you don't have the foresight or energy to pack your lunch the night before. So what can you get for Ten Bones in downtown Toronto?

The Jerk Joint is located in the Entertainment District in the Queen Street Market, a rather abandoned looking building, which also houses one other tenant, a Mac n' Cheese joint (more on that later). It's been heralded as authentic jerk chicken, so I just had to try!

My friend in crime, ordered the vegetable plate, which offers the vegetable of the day | curry pot | rice | plantain | slaw for $8. Not sure where the slaw and plantain is hidden though!

The Vegetable Plate
I ordered their jerk chicken, which was smoky and very spicy. The chicken was tender and very moist! I love when rice and peas are smothered in gravy and was delighted when they offered their house gravy. The small size portion is $7 and surprisingly very filling!

Jerk chicken mon!
Their menu offers a list of other things, including the Bolt Burger, which I believe is homage to Usain Bolt! Jerk pork and fried chicken will most definitely make me return to explore!

238 Queen Street West (Queen St just east of John St.)
Hours: Monday to Sunday | 11:00am – 9:00pm
Phone: 647.748.7011 Fax: 647.748.7311 | Delivery:

Readers, do you have any hidden gems you'd like to share?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dinner at Cafe Boulud

I went out to dinner at Cafe Boulud tonight at the Four Seasons in Yorkville for my boyfriend's mom's birthday. The food was super tasty but I forgot my camera at home. I did, however, remember to take pictures of my outfit before I left - even though it kind of made us late. This is what I do for the internet!

I bought this faux fur pelt from Wilfred on Kat's recommendation. I'm kind of having trouble styling it other than with blazers and my wool coat but I decided to wear it here to increase my fancy levels. Kat says she's working on a blog post to help us! I can't wait - she's awesome at coming up with interesting outfits.

Faux-Fur Collar: Wilfred // Blazer: Club Monaco // Blouse: Marni for H&M (also worn here) // Skirt: Club Monaco // Tights: Calvin Klein via Winners // Patent Platforms: Vegabond via Little Burgundy (on sale here)

I hate that random wire for the turn tables on the ground - I have to pin it back to the base boards - it's driving me crazy right now!


chalk-board hearts in our kitchen
I've almost tripped and broken my ankle like 5 times in only the two times I've worn these - TIP: do not make sharp turns

I'm trying to find some art to put above my bar cart - any ideas?

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Obsessed with Ek Thongprasert

Ek Thongprasert is a Belgian jewelry brand by fashion designer EK Thongrasert and jewelry designer Noon Passama S, who met while in school in Thailand. I love how they use precious jewels with silicon to create these high-impact statement necklaces.

Although they're a bit pricey, it either motivates you to start saving or to learn how to make things with silicon yourself! (maybe cut up some rubber iphone cases?)

all images via
left to right: Chrysler, Athena's Spear Necklace, Savoy Affair, Cerberus, Mary Pickford, 5th Avenue, and Baltimore Buzz

Which one is your fav? I can't decide between the Athena's Spear Necklace or the Mary Pickford Necklace!

visit the Ek Thongprasert website here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Canadian Landscape

When I wore this shirt home for Diwali dinner, my mom said it looked like a Canada calendar. Only if I had dates on my pants I could've had a Halloween costume! I took these pictures on my parents deck, I thought the wood would go with my Canada theme (Canada is a big exporter of lumber, get it?...)

Also, does this outfit look familiar to you guys? Its taken from my outfit inspiration collage in this post. I finally bought these boots from Roots during their annual sale last weekend! I didn't get the other ones I had posted about, but I got a different pair which I will reveal in an outfit post soon enough - I know, I can't wait either.

cardigan: Zara // shirt: FCUK (on sale!) // jeans: levi's // boots: Roots // glasses: DKNY

Captain Calendar!

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In My Friend's Clothes

I love borrowing my friend's clothes - its like buying new stuff without actually buying it. I borrowed this heather grey dress/shirt (dress on her, shirt on me) from one of my best friends and wore it out to eat on Sunday but don't worry I was extra careful to avoid any spillage. I love the sleeves and the fact its secretly a sweatshirt mwahahaha.

With these pictures you'd think I went out for dinner, but the stupid sun sets so early, it was actually after a late-ish birthday lunch for my fav person on the internet - Kat.

Also, check out my new haircut! Tyler from The Alcorn Salon cut it last week. The wind is kinda blowing my new front blunt bangs everywhere, but what do you think?

jacket: micheal kors (also wore it here) // dress: white crow // jeans: levi's // belt: zara // watch: bcbg // purse: bridge+bardot vintage (also wore it here) // shoes: lanvin
ditching the jacket to strike a pose for y'all
sweaty Lanvins (DIY idea: get these Shoemint flats and add gold pieces to the bow!)
fashion tip: baggy sweatshirts are awesome to hide post meal bloating

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Having my cake and eating it too

It was a sunny and beautiful day for my birthday. I received beautiful flowers from my mama bear and lots of love from some really special people in my life.
A beautiful mix of yellow and white lilies and roses.
Tip: snip off the anthers of fresh lilies so the pollen doesn't stain your clothes.

Everyone knows, the way to my heart is through food! Good golly, was I lucky this year. My favourite way to celebrate is just to be eating to my heart's content with family and friends.

Assorted macarons + cake and ice cream! love!

The following day, I was taken to Loire on Harbord and it was a delight. The service was great, the food was delicious and the ambience was quiet, but well-lit. I didn't order the fries but after tasting them, I then demanded that we share... it's my special day after all! 

Restaurants tend be going on the darker, louder trend these days... don't you think? We'd definitely go back! 

Delicious fries and veal tenderloin
The menu described the dish as a Meatball (singular) with some other things on the side. I was slightly disappointed when I received a reasonably-sized meatballs (plural), as opposed to the giant meatball I had pictured in my head. Silliness aside, the meatballs were so good! Slightly undercooked, tender and very flavourful.
meat-a-ball! and orecchiette pasta 
For the evening, I wanted to wear something casual since we were heading to watch Dan Deacon in concert after eating at Loire. I was happy to wear my colourblocked baseball shirt I picked up at Club Monaco (on sale for $59) on Thursday. It's very soft and versatile. I love the colour! It's maroon in front but is hunter green in the back, which is perfect for the fall.
Club Monaco knit top (similar: here)  // Double Zero skirt (old) (similar: here) // House of Harlow cuff // Etsy earrings  
Pulled out an old skirt from my closet
It's hunter green on the back!

Readers, do you like to celebrate your birthday? What's your favourite thing to do?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boots: Casual Friday to the Weekend

If anyone knows me, you know that I LOVE Roots. The leather items are great quality, they're built to last and it's not terribly expensive - plus they're Canadian! (I also love all things Canadian).

I have two Roots bags, but right now I'm hardcore stalking these boots. I'm waiting for their annual customer appreciation sale but I face a daily conundrum of just wanting to buy it right f***ing now.

Hi Top Tribe // Western Riding Boot
So, to distract me from dropping some full price dollas, I'm planning some outfits so that as soon as they come to my doorstep I'll be ready. One outfit for work and one for play. What do you think? How would you wear them?
Roots Boots - Casual Friday to the Weekend
Miss Selfridge printed shirt / Oversized knit cardigan, $40 / AllSaints leather jacket / Helmut Lang maxi skirt, $200 / H&M skinny leg jeans, $32 / Roots high top shoes / Roots leather western boots / DANNIJO long crystal necklace / Yellow gold jewelry, $74 / Yellow gold jewelry / Balenciaga Sphinx Short Sleeves Tee-Shirt Black

 first image via roots & second via polyvore

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Come and take a walk on the Wild Side

Lana Del Rey - too gorgeous for words. That hair, those lips.
Most recently, we've seen Lana Del Rey in her H&M campaign, sporting her trademark mod look.

Courtesy of H&M

Monsieur Adi has remixed Lana Del Rey's Born to Die, adding subtle electronic beats. The remix retains Lana's smoky vocals but gives the song a bouncier and catchier quality. He's also adds an electronic vocal layer that keeps the song's integrity intact but gives it a lighter, almost ethereal quality.
Love this beat! Take a listen below.

Readers - what new songs or remixes get you through the week?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Singing in the Rain

I know we're all sick of rain talk, but this weekend I figured that next time there were some thundershowers (I hope there's never a hurricane again) I would be prepared with some cute rain gear to off balance my wet frizzy hair and face full of mascara.

I bought a nice rain coat (you want to invest in this item since it'll last for years and you want to be able to wear it to work as well as on the weekends), a bright umbrella, some printed rain boots and accessories that won't get wrecked with a splash of water.

Singing in the Rain

Coat // Volatile wellington rubber boots // Marc by Marc Jacobs nylon handbag // Toy Watch pink jewelry, $275 // StormStar Golf Umbrella Maroon, $24

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Brunch and Cake

I went to a book club brunch with Kat and a few friends last Sunday, we were discussing Y by Marjorie Celona. It's a great book and an easy read - I highly recommend it! (plus the author is Canadian!)

I wanted to take some pictures with the cobweb decorations for Halloween. I should have dressed up for this brunch! too bad all my good ideas are a few days too late. Instead I wore suede shoes on the first day of Hurricane Sandy - I know, I'm 0-2.

Dress: H&M (similar) // Boots: Joe Fresh (similar) // Belt: Zara // Bag: Vintage from Bridge+Bardot (similar) // polka dot Socks: My Dad (similar)
I'm trying to be eery in the red light

We were also celebrating two early birthdays so Kat picked up some YUMMY Dufflet cake. She has the best taste!

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