Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dinner at Cafe Boulud

I went out to dinner at Cafe Boulud tonight at the Four Seasons in Yorkville for my boyfriend's mom's birthday. The food was super tasty but I forgot my camera at home. I did, however, remember to take pictures of my outfit before I left - even though it kind of made us late. This is what I do for the internet!

I bought this faux fur pelt from Wilfred on Kat's recommendation. I'm kind of having trouble styling it other than with blazers and my wool coat but I decided to wear it here to increase my fancy levels. Kat says she's working on a blog post to help us! I can't wait - she's awesome at coming up with interesting outfits.

Faux-Fur Collar: Wilfred // Blazer: Club Monaco // Blouse: Marni for H&M (also worn here) // Skirt: Club Monaco // Tights: Calvin Klein via Winners // Patent Platforms: Vegabond via Little Burgundy (on sale here)

I hate that random wire for the turn tables on the ground - I have to pin it back to the base boards - it's driving me crazy right now!


chalk-board hearts in our kitchen
I've almost tripped and broken my ankle like 5 times in only the two times I've worn these - TIP: do not make sharp turns

I'm trying to find some art to put above my bar cart - any ideas?

Hey You, Get the Look!


  1. you're adorable.
    I love the Bar Cart- i have so many beautiful decanters from when my parents socialized big time. Is it wrong that i want a little bar area in my own place even though i don't drink?!

    Yes, i want Kat to share thoughts on how to pair that pelt with other outfits.

    Also, i need a whole post dedicated to work-appropriate flats. Seriously.
    I'm suffering here, and i don't want to have greater back issues by the time i hit 30.

    1. It's not wrong at all. You should have the bar area ready for when we come over ;)
      I'm working on the fur scarf post! It's-a-coming.

  2. I love the collar, I'm so into furry'sh collars right now!

  3. Nice coat with this lovely collar :-) follow each other

  4. Such a fabulous look! I just love your coat with the fur collar! Great styling!


  5. ah you gorgeous thing!!!



  6. I was just thinking "wow those shoes look super walkable and comfy" until I read your warning about breaking an ankle. Duly noted.