About us

Welcome to our blog.
We're two die-hard Toronto lovers, who love to dream and live big.

This is a lifestyle blog with a focus on Toronto, fashion, music, good eats and good times. We wanted to highlight the great things in life, without spending all your ca$h money.

We are recent graduates that work in corporate environments and do not have any ties to the fashion industry. We do have creative sides and this blog captures our adventures in exploring that creative side.

So, what can you expect from us?
Expect posts about how to dress for a business setting, with a focus on quality and reasonable prices.
Expect to hear about our food adventures - restaurant reviews, recipes and more.
Expect to hear about what music we're listening to and new bands we want you to check out.

We would love to hear from you, so please say hello!


  1. Great job, ladies -- love the blog!


  2. In my way to fallow you on bloglovin, you are more than welcome to fallow back :-)


    1. thanks for dropping by! we'd love to follow you back.